Abbreviations (acronyms) in poker – what do they mean and how to apply them?

Abbreviations are essential for exchanging information in poker. From understanding a message in a chat room, to reading professional literature and articles, every poker player needs to be well versed in both common and jargon abbreviations. We will help you with this.

If you are interested in complete poker terminology with all its transcripts, you can watch it here.

Slang acronyms.

We will start with the common abbreviations related to the Internet slang. They can be found everywhere on the Internet, including in poker – mainly in chat rooms.


AFAIK (as far as I know).


BS (bullshit) – nonsense, nonsense, nothing.

BRB – be right back. Also possible options: BBL (be back later), BBS (be back soon).

BTW – by the way.


G1 (great one) – excellent or good (like evaluating action, person, hands, combinations, etc.). There are also variants N1 – nice one.

GG (good game) = GP (good play).

GL (good luck). There is also a longer variant: GLA (Good Luck All) – good luck to everyone.

GTG (got to go) – must go.


IMHO (in my humble opinion). A less popular option – IMO (in my opinion) – in my opinion.


JMO – just my opinion. It is used as a defensive phrase in the situation of someone’s aggression against your point of view.


LMAO (laughing my ass off) – very funny (with sarcasm). The phrase is a meme born after the movie “Ace Ventura” from a scene where Jim Kerry uses his buttocks to illustrate a sarcastic laugh.

LOL laughing out loud. Another option for this abbreviation is KEK. This word is not translated in any way, but the legend says that it came from World of Warcraft. There, correspondence between players of two factions – Horde and Alliance – is transformed for members of the other faction according to a special algorithm, so LOL at Horde Alliance sees as KEK.


M8 (mate) – buddy.


NP – no problem.


OFC (of course) – sure.

OMG – oh, my God!

OT – off topic.


ROFL – rolling on the floor laughing.


WD (well done) – great job.

WP – well played.

WTG way to go – keep it up.

Professional acronyms

Next in line are abbreviations related to jargonism – specialized words and turns used in a particular field. These include, for example, abbreviations of terms describing game styles and opponent stats.


AF is an aggression factor. Describes the ratio of the number of bets and raids of a player to the number of his calls per bet of an opponent.

ATS an attempt to steal. Reflects the frequency with which a player attacks the blinds from a late position.


B/C – bet / call . Statue to describe situations where a player bets and collects in response to an opponent’s raid.

B/F – bet / fold. A status to describe a bet and the subsequent drop of a hand on an opponent’s raid.

BB is a big blind. A mandatory bet in the Pot, which is placed “blind” even before the player receives his cards. The Big Blind is also the name of the position at which the player must place this bet.

BR is a bankroll. This term refers to the amount that a player determines for playing poker. It is related to this term:

BRB bankroll building – The building or building of a bankroll. This term refers to actions to increase the amount of bankroll.

BRM bankroll management – Bankroll management or bankroll management.

BSS – big stack strategy. It means landing to a table with a maximum stack of 100 BB and playing with a stack.

BU – Button. This is the name of the position at which the player gives out cards (is a “dealer”).


C/B (check behind) – A return cheque is a check made by a player after his opponent’s check.

C/C (check / call) – line of drawing, where the player checks and – after the opponent’s bet – makes a call.

C/F (check / fold) – the player’s check with the subsequent reset after the opponent’s bet.

C/R (check / raise) – player’s check with the subsequent raise in response to an opponent’s bet.

CO “cut-off”. Position at the table to the right of the Button, just before the Button. The name is due to the fact that this position is most convenient for “cutting off” players in earlier positions.


EP – early position. This is the name of the position of the player at the table, which is the battle.

EV – expected value). This term refers to the expected benefit or loss amount in a particular situation, taking into account the possible options for drawing and the outcome of each of them.


FL – fixed limit. A type of game in which the maximum bet is limited.

FR (full ring) – full or full table – being at the table in a game of seven or more players.


GH – good hand or NH – nice hand.

GF is a good fold.


HU heads up – is a game that takes place only between two players, without anyone else at the table,


ICM – independent chip model. This is the name of the system of playing in a tournament with high blinds, when the stacks of all remaining players in the tournament are converted into equivalent shares in the tournament price pool.

IP – in position. This term means finding a player in a position that gives him the opportunity to act after his opponents.

ITM – in the money. It denotes a situation where a player gets into the prize zone in a tournament.


LA/LAG (loose aggressive) is a luzo aggressive style of play, where the poker player frequently enters the bank and raises a lot.

LH – long hand. The game is played with 7 to 10 players.

LP – late position. A table position in which the player sits on the right hand of the Button in a nearby position or through one player.

LP loose passive – A play style in which the poker player frequently enters the Pot, but rarely raises, preferring coles.


MHING – my hand is no good. It is used to indicate doubt about the strength of your hand.

MP – middle position. It is the position of the player at the table, not the early or late position.

MTT – multi table tournament. This term should be used to refer to the type of tournament that takes place on several tables with a gradual decrease in the number of tables as the players depart.


NC – nice catch. Usually used in an ironic way to indicate the unlikely improvement in the hand that occurred at the table.

NL – no-limit. The type of tournament in which the maximum bet is not limited.


OESD open-ended straight draw. This term is used to refer to a sequence of four cards in a row, which requires the next card in order to complete at either end of the street.

OOP – out of position. This means a position at the table relative to another player when you are forced to make a decision before him.

OTB – On the bank or on the shore. A term to describe a situation where a player is not participating in sweat.


PL – pot-limit. The name of the type of tournament, in which the maximum bet is limited to the amount of sweat.

PFR – preflop raise. This is the name of both the player’s raid to the flop and the frequency of such raises.

PT – a poker tracker. It is a general term for programs used to analyze statistics.


ROI – return on investment. In poker this term is used to describe the profitability of the game.


SB – small blind. A mandatory bet in the Pot, which is placed “blind” even before the player receives his cards. Also the small blind is the name of the position at which the player must place this bet.

SH shorthanded. Type of game from 3 to 6 people at the table.

SHC – starting hands chart. This is the name of the hand chart, which can be used in the game strategy, taking into account various factors.

SNG or S&G – sit and go. This is the name of tournaments, the start of which depends on the registration of a specific and limited number of people.

SSS – short stack strategy. It involves sitting at a table with the minimum possible size of a stack of 20 BB, aggressive play on the preflop and postflop with the rare use of colls.

STT – a single table tournament, in other words, taking place on only one table.


TA/TAG tight aggressive – the player plays only a small part of the range, but does it aggressively.

TP – Titanium passive style of play, when a person plays only good hands, and even getting into a board player does not become aggressive, playing the combination carefully without strong promotions.

TPMK – top pair, medium kicker. A combination of the senior pair, collected with the card in hand and the card on the table, with the middle kicker – second card in hand.

TPTK top pair, top kicker. The combination of the older pair, collected with the card in hand and the card on the table, with the older kicker – the second card in hand. There are also options for the older kicker: TP2K.


UTG – under the gun. This is the name given to the early position of a player sitting right after the big blind.


VPIP / VP$IP – voluntary putting money in the pot. This indicator reflects % of the frequency of the player’s deposit of money into the bank on the preflop.


WSD – won at showdown. Statue reflecting the % of cases of winning the player at the autopsy (showdown) with the best hand.

WTSD – went to showdown. A statue representing the % of the player’s earnings before the opening of the showdown.

Some Questions About Poker and Cards

How do you play poker for beginners?

I’m not sure how many people are actually playing without a tournament entry fee. I guess all that really needs to be said is that there are millions of players who choose not to bother. The market to play poker is enormous. I’m a good enough player that I’ve won enough of my own money that I’ve wanted to buy into a tournament but, sadly, haven’t been able to. I’d probably be better off playing G.L.O.W.s with the movie in theaters. At least then I’d know what I was dealing with.

Isn’t it basically betting on a game that doesn’t take place yet? Well here’s a good example. Is there really a single option in poker for beginner? PokerStars has two options… If you’re a top player, you can choose to play big payouts, or just play the game until you’ve won some money. I’d start with big payouts and it will take you months to win a lot of money, but the house edge is relatively low…so long as you understand how it works and the value of what you’re betting.

Just ask 765 pro online star casino player Brian’s best advice and rules to play poker for beginners is as simple as it is pure genius and no matter what the stakes of the game, beginner’s learn at the same time they learn how to analyze other players, read their intentions and bluff.

How do we play poker?

First, let’s explore what actually goes on in a poker game. Each player is dealt seven cards face down and it is the role of the player with the most remaining chips (called the dealer) to decide which of those cards to keep in their hand. If a player holds two cards of the same rank and the same suit, they win that hand.

In turn order, each player brings out a hand of seven cards, shuffles them and places the cards face down in front of them. This is called the “starting hand.” The highest scoring cards in this hand are placed in front of the dealer. Players in turn play their hand of seven cards. The player with the highest total score wins.

Whenever we have a question, sometimes we just chat and have a bit of fun, sometimes we have an option and work something out. Sometimes we also give new players advice to try and help them be a better poker player. It’s all of the above, and it’s all great.

But there are some things I did in my 20s that I regret and that led to what many of you are thinking all the time.

This happened to me when I was playing and made the wrong choices, and instead of wanting to be a good poker player I became a bit of a goal-post-moving-party.

Poker is a game of bluffing. The goal is to “bet less than your opponent”, which implies you should always bet the same value against anyone on the table (and so be both more aggressive and less aggressive depending on your own values). The value of a poker hand is always a function of the position of the cards, but is completely dependent on the type of hand (see sidebars), so you will always be reluctant to bet an amount equal to the value of the same hand (such as 1 card against 4 cards, 1 card against aces, etc).

We have noticed that a better strategy is to bluff most of the time, to avoid problems with your opponent.

How do u play Texas Hold em?

I play Texas Hold em with a club and a big stack of chips. It’s very good, and makes me feel good when I win.I play poker. I play Texas Hold em online. It’s all about the money in poker.You know all that tournaments you play, the grind, not making any money? It’s all about the money. The reason I play tournaments is to try to gain money.The part that’s most shocking to me is when players have played a lot of tournaments, and then they don’t make much money. They still talk about it, and see that you don’t make money.And the reality is, of course, that people make money from tournaments.

An answer is probably “Racks, hands, and left tight”. (Rack, left tight) That’s the basic strategy and setup of Texas Hold em and it’s still quite accurate today. To win, you have to play Texas Hold em against a well-prepared opponent. Because of this, the basic Texas Hold em rules remain true today. (It is important to note that the previous paragraph applies to Texas Hold Em games that are played by bankers, casinos and such. All other games of Texas Hold Em are played at skill level one or below.) The basic setup of Texas Hold em goes like this. While all players are in the blinds, player one raises the pot to three times the size of the blinds.

How do you set up a poker game?

That depends on the type of poker game. A lot of games have rules you need to play by. If there are no rules, that means the games are loose. In this case, you can throw some dice around and see what happens. If there are rules, you need to pass an initiative check to throw the dice and the players will try to get you to have the lowest die roll to avoid losing. If you can’t play by the rules, though, there is a lot of conflict. A loose game usually has lots of players throwing dice and no one winning. There is usually a harder version that has all the players roll their dice and players fighting over

Then join us tomorrow (Wednesday) on Facebook Live for this episode’s player interview. In case you can’t wait for the live stream, go ahead and watch a video of me speaking with myself for about 35 minutes. It’s longer than the video on this podcast. By the end of the evening, you should have a pretty good idea of how to set up a game in a professional poker

Contests for Party in Casino Style

Casino style party assumes gambling. But what if not all guests can play poker, blackjack or American roulette? There is a way out! Competitions for casino style party will help to occupy all the participants of the theme party.

Fantasies with cards

Participants: all guests.
Props: 2 identical deck of cards.
All cards from the first deck are distributed to all guests present. The second deck stays with the presenter. Tamada takes out any card from the deck and calls it. The owner of the same card must complete the task, which is prepared in advance.

Examples of funny phantoms:
  • jumping on one leg.
  • Reading a children’s rhyme or singing a children’s song.
  • ask guests for alms until 100 c.u. is ready.
  • to sell something from the table (a bottle of minerals, a caviar sandwich, etc.).
  • blindfolded to identify 3 items with your hands.
  • draw a neighbor’s mustache.
  • Exchange two items of clothing with the neighbor on the right.
  • try to bite himself on the elbow.
  • Put 5 slices of lemon in your mouth and tell a poem.
  • write the word “Casino” in the air with your butt.
  • Feed yourself from the neighbor’s spoon on the left.
  • massage the neighbor’s head on the right.

Evaluate the bank

Casino style party contests

Participants: all interested.
Prop: a three-liter can, souvenir money, coins.

The presenter invites participants to determine the amount of prize money that is in the bank, on top filled with banknotes of different denominations and trivia. The one who will name the number closest to the truth, wins the contest.

Hide the winnings

Participants: 4 people.
Props: souvenir money, boxes (bags or suitcases) for money.

Volunteers are given boxes of money. The task – to hide the banknotes on themselves at maximum speed. Which of the visitors to the casino faster to cope with the task, he wins.

Phased competition “Casino”

Trump Jack

Participants: 4 men.
Prop: bones (walnuts).

The task is to split the nuts into speed! The winner gets the title of “Trump Jack”.

The Lady of the Goat.

Women casino

Participants: 4 women.
Prop: meter.

In this contest, the Trump Lady is determined by the volume of the breast, which is measured by the anchor using a meter.

Trump King

Participants: 4 men.
Prop: balloons.

Participants are tied balloons on his left leg. The task is to bust the balloon from the enemy, keeping his. There is only one winner in this battle and he will be called the Trump King.

Ace of trumps.

Participants: 4 people.
Prop: 4 slot machines (a three-liter can, a lid with a hole like a piggy bank, souvenir money, coins).

The presenter invites participants to shake the slot machine – to pour out of the jar all the little things at speed. The most skilful becomes ace of trumps.


Participants: 4 trumps (winners of previous contests).
Proposal: all property of guests.

The trumps are offered to rip the bank! The task is to bring more loot from the guests present.

  1. Bags count for one item.
  2. Do not take anything from the table.
  3. Remove jewelry only at the request of the owners.

Together with the guests, the amount of loot is counted and the Joker is determined. Then there’s the award ceremony for the participants.


Participants: 2 people.
Props: keys, 2 safes (chest, diplomat).
The task is to find a suitable key to the lock from a common pile. The most experienced safecracker will win.

Party casino

Pass it on.

Participants: all guests.
Prop: 1 playing card.
Guests are lined up in a circle. One of them clamps a playing card with his lips and passes it to a neighbour, who in turn passes it to the next player. If the musical accompaniment stops sounding, the player with the card in his mouth is out of the game. The task of those present is to pass the map to another player as soon as possible.

House of cards

Participants: 2 teams.
Prop: 2 decks of playing cards.

All present guests are divided into 2 equal teams and give each deck of playing cards. The task – to make a house of cards on speed. The soberest fastest team will win.

Casino style music – jazz, blues, retro 50s. Calm background classics and several dance compositions…


The host is Tuck! I think the Bolognese brothers are back, and not empty-handed!

Brothers Joe and Smith – Hello, mighty clans of the world! May the great Don Corleone bless you! We are serious gangsters and that is why we did not come to you empty-handed, in this bag is a solid sum, which we are ready to share with our brothers in craft and spirit! The World Mafia has sent you tasks, and the best of the best who can cope with them to get something to develop their hard business!

FANTA’S CONCERS (the task for this contest is given an hour before the event, so that the teams will come up with a task for their rivals) The result is summed up by the brothers themselves – who they give money to! After this contest, the police burst into the hall to check their passports.

(cap with tasks)

Host – Yes, we’ve been through a great raid! With my temperament I would have given these policemen a couple – three hot bursts of machine gun! All right! What kind of weapons do our clans own? Oh, that’s great. Well, how’s your gun gonna behave in a street shootout? You don’t know! Let’s check it out now!


Leader – Representatives of all clans present your tongues, for a real gangster’s tongue must be clean and short in length, so that it is not shortened by your accomplices!
Choose 4 for the contest
Gentlemen, gangsters, this is a turbulent time, we hear about police ambushes, and the lawlessness of officials!
Brothers – Do you know how valiantly our brothers shot off last week? Do you know? It’s not a problem at all, we’re going to write it all out in detail!
Host – Don’t strain yourself after such a stormy firefight, have a rest! Especially your news no longer smells of freshness! Clans themselves will tell you how it really was!


Host – Dear gangsters of all clans and families, I hope that our today’s meeting will remain a secret and not a single long language will say anything about what happened today. Let us swear on the most terrible oath of the world mafia, and it is known – immortal and has long hands!
Turn to the sacred black card! And repeat after me! “We are mafia clans of all times and peoples, entering the slippery slope of strife and crime, we swear to the spirit of the great Don Corleone not to turn, not to retreat, carrying our Thompsons high for the prosperity of the Mafia on earth! We swear! We swear! We swear! We swear!