Reflections of a casino supervisor on slot machines

All the casinos were of various types. Some had mechanical slots, which I personally quite like, as the accuracy of the spinning reels is usually better. The “goers” were always noisy and cheering, even when the chances of winning were not in a players favor.

Another type of slot was the manual slots, which are still quite popular in the US.

casino supervisor on slot machines

These have their advantages, including the ability to play more than one line at a time. Since these slots are harder to find, than either the mechanical or the automated ones, beginners prefer them, and there are many stories of people hitting a big jackpot on these.

At present, in North America, there are three main types of slot machines, includingemis, proles, and rand Hats. These are all single payline machines with one or two reels, and are almost always single coin. ACL machines are the most popular as they have the best payout percentages. Devices such as the Wheel of Fortune, staples and touchdown skips, are also found in the casinos and generally spend the most money.

In other places, slot machines are found in multiple machines.

casino supervisor on slot machines

  1. This is not a very good idea, since you have no control over which machine pays out first, and the more machines there are, the more chance of a player winning a jackpot. Although it is not unheard of, I have rarely seen someone win a jackpot on a multiple machine.
  2. Online, slot machines function in a similar way to mechanical ones. The software determines the payout frequency and, if applicable, the payout guidelines. Certain casinos have a higher payout than others, usually meant to attract players.

Play in Online Casinos

  • Players who are interested in trying their hand at online slots, should start by finding an appropriate casino where they can do so. There are many around the world, but the great majority are found in North America. Though some online casinos offer games other than slots, in North America slots still form the majority of games offered.
  • The software used by online casinos controls the online slot machines. The software allows the game to run with a set of specifics. Proving once again the usefulness of reading up on casino software, online casinos normally have better software than their competitors.

Counting the coins

Different online slot machines pay out at different rates for certain combinations. If you play the maximum amount of coins allowed on a progressive machine, hitting the jackpot can be well worth it. But if you only play the allowed amount, winning may be easier.

Reading the rules

In an online casino, the rules and payouts for each game are the same as what you find on the physical machines. Some online casinos have a variance of rules which can be smartly to the advantage of the player.

Playing the machines

The machines are located normally near the tables games. Weak machines should be easily spotted by the player and avoided. The high paying machines are always where the tips and coffee are given to the players. In online casinos, the machines are often placed near the rich and famous or the slots where more people tend to hang around.

The last

The last thing that you would want to do is to go to a casino or an online casino and make sure that you have enough money in your bankroll to make the most of the trip. When you have found a good machine, try your luck on a progressive one. Have fun!